Melissa Freeman

Melissa Freeman is the Early Childhood and Administrator Practicum Coordinator for WSMS-TEP. Melissa’s history at WSMS began when she was a student in our TEP. She continued on at WSMS as a head teacher, and eventually took on roles as an instructor and field consultant for TEP. In 2009, Melissa moved into school administration before taking a break to be at home with her 3 young daughters.

Melissa returned to WSMS-TEP and now teaches multiple classes in the Early Childhood, Administrator, and Montessori Inclusion Endorsement programs. She says, “The weekend classes and the ability to work remotely means that I can negotiate the complexities of childcare while staying connected to the school where my academic career began. Having young children of my own makes me even more aware of how important a child’s first start in education is. The relationship between adults and children fostered in a Montessori classroom creates a foundation for the trust, caring, openness and respect that carries through their lifetimes. Working with adults to become Montessori teachers & administrators has made me realize the impact my work has on the children and families in their classrooms. In my 10 years in early childhood classrooms, I influenced over 200 children. And in my ongoing career teaching teachers, that number will grow exponentially!”⁠⠀