• Master’s Degree Program

    in Partnership with Manhattanville College – School of Education

The Manhattanville College Masters of Professional Studies in Early Childhood and Special Education (B-2) is designed for candidates who have:earned a Bachelor’s degree and completed a Montessori teacher education program affiliated with AMS or AMI and accredited by MACTE.

In a unique partnership with WSMS-TEP, Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY, will accept up to 15 equivalent graduate credits in transfer towards the 49-credit Master’s degree from an approved Montessori teacher education program. Transfer of credits is not guaranteed. All transcripts submitted by participants and all courses and instructors will be individually evaluated and must provide evidence of successful completion.

Participants seeking NYS Teacher Certification who complete the Master’s degree and all other applicable NYS certification requirements will be recommended for certification by the College. Certification is not guaranteed and is at the complete discretion of the NYS Education Department.

Courses will be offered on a rotating basis with students able to enter the course of study in fall, spring, or summer semesters. The sequence of courses for any individual shall be determined by the College. The College will endeavor to offer the program in an online, synchronous format.

Students must register with Manhattanville College and will pay tuition and fees directly to the College. Students will pay a registration and technology fee every semester. Fees are set at the discretion of the College. Participants will be individually responsible for any and all tuition and required fees as published by the College and will be subject to Manhattanville rules on registration, withdrawals, prorating of tuition refunds, payment deadlines, collection costs, etc.

For admissions information, contact
Jessica Tully, M.Ed.
Director of Graduate Admissions, Education Programs

For information about the academic program or licensure (after admission), contact
Lorena Parada, M.S.Ed.
Director of Graduate Admissions, Education Programs

Dr. Gerald Ardito, DPS
Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Programs


Lisanne Pinciotti
WSMS-TEP Program Director

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