• Montessori teacher education program located on the upper west side of New York City, with additional locations in Whitehouse Station/NJ, Buffalo/NY, and Shanghai/China.
  • Credentials offered: Infant Toddler, Early Childhood, Elementary I, I-II, (Elementary II is in process), and Administrator
  • Montessori Inclusion Endorsement program for individuals with a prior Montessori teaching credential who want additional training and experience working with children with special needs
  • All faculty members are Montessori-credentialed at the level of instruction and have classroom experience with children of the age of training
  • Partnership with Concordia College leads to Master’s Degree and NYS Certification in Early Childhood and Childhood Education
  • Maximum of 25 learners to each instructor per cohort
  • Financial assistance is available, see the Scholarship page for specific details


We seek to prepare adults in the transformative process of Montessori teacher education in order to develop into responsive, sensitive, and knowledgeable guides who are empowered to lead the diverse communities in which they work.


In 1967, Project CHAMP (Central Harlem Association of Montessori Parents) was founded by Roslyn Williams to prepare parents to become active participants in their child’s education and to increase the pool of Montessori teachers in New York City. WSMS faculty and administrators, along with faculty from other schools, taught for Project CHAMP in those early years.

In September 1994, the WSMS board voted to move Project CHAMP under the umbrella of WSMS to ensure the legacy of Montessori teacher preparation in NYC. At that time, the name was changed to West Side Montessori School–Teacher Education Program (WSMS-TEP). For many years, WSMS-TEP offered the Montessori Early Childhood credential. In 2012, the Infant Toddler level was added in response to local need. Crucially aware of the expanding need (world-wide) for high quality Montessori educators over a broader range of ages, WSMS-TEP continues to expand and has nearly tripled in size over the last few years. The first cohort for Elementary began in 2016 and the Administrator program began in 2017. The new AMS Montessori Inclusion Endorsement program was added in 2019. Additional locations have been added to support the growth of Montessori teacher preparation in Beijing and Shanghai/China, Whitehouse Station/NJ and Buffalo/NY.