• International Students

International Students

In June 2017, WSMS-TEP was approved by the Student Exchange Visa Program (SEVP) to issue I-20 forms to international students. The I-20 allows the adult learner to apply for an F-1 student visa to study in the U.S. throughout the duration of their teacher education program.

In addition to completing the WSMS-TEP application, students seeking an I-20 must also complete an in-person or virtual interview with Sheba Kapur. Students are required to provide financial information verifying they are able to cover tuition and living expenses while enrolled in the program.

Advance travel planning and early visa application are important. It is advised that international students submit their WSMS-TEP program application as soon as possible in order to ensure they have enough time to apply for the F1 visa.  U.S. Embassy wait times can be found at this link.

If an extension is requested after the initial program end date, an additional $250 administrative fee will be incurred by the student.

If you have questions about the student visa program, please contact Sheba Kapur at skapur@wsmsnyc.org.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a type of off-campus work permission for F-1 international students who are currently pursuing a course of study in the United States and want to gain experience in their fields of study. CPT is not available after a student completes a degree program.

International students at WSMS-TEP may utilize CPT in order to complete their teaching practicum in the U.S.

Once an appropriate internship has been approved by the Practicum Coordinator, students must obtain CPT authorization on their I-20 from a Designated School Official at WSMS-TEP before beginning employment; authorization cannot be back-dated. CPT authorization requires 10 business days to process.

Please note, if you plan to work in the U.S. you must also have a social security number. You will find more information about applying for your SSN at ssa.gov.

Travel Endorsements

A signed I-20 is not required to depart the U.S.; however, international students reentering the U.S. must ensure they have a valid travel endorsement on page two of their I-20. Only Designated School Officials are permitted to sign the I-20 for travel.

Students who need a travel signature must request one prior to their departure from the U.S. A travel signature requires 10 business days processing time. Please arrange your travel/re-entry plans accordingly.

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