Our main building at 309 West 92nd Street is a five-floor double brownstone with eight spacious classrooms, a full-size gymnasium above the classroom floors, and an outdoor play space on the roof. Just off the lobby is our Parents Room/Library, which holds 10,000 books and is used as a children’s library, a classroom space for our “After Lunch Bunch,” and a meeting room for parents, faculty, and staff. Meals are prepared in our full-service professional chef’s kitchen. Thanks to a top-to-bottom “green” renovation of all our classrooms and our kitchen, our classrooms are not only bright and spacious but also environmentally and ergonomically sound, with bamboo cabinets, non-glare lighting designed to promote concentration, and floor and work surfaces made of sustainable, non-toxic materials.



In 2015, we transformed our already exceptional gym for children into a multi-purpose space that not only enhanced the gym experience for children to enjoy every day, but also added an adult learning space, a gathering space for parents, two windowed meeting spaces on the balcony level, an adult bathroom, and enhanced storage. In 2019, we added a traverse climbing wall that helps challenge children’s strength, coordination, problem-solving and concentration skills.


Above the gym, our rooftop play space is outfitted with a variety of play equipment including Snug Play: colorful, durable, open-ended play equipment that children can use to create an endless assortment of configurations for active play and gross motor development.


In 2018, we expanded our Twos Program to newly acquired classroom space in the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church at 302 West 91st Street. The new space underwent a complete renovation, resulting in two designated Twos classrooms, a parents’ room, and additional administrative space.