2018-2019 Calendar

A full Google calendar of WSMS events, updated throughout the year, is available at https://calendar.google.com/calendar?cid=cHVibGljZXZlbnRzQHdzbXNueWMub3Jn

Event dates are subject to change.

September 2018

Wednesday 12 Opening Day (parents only)
Thursday 13 Visiting Day (brief 15-minute visit with children and one adult)
Friday 14 Returning Children Begin*
Tuesday 25 PA Meeting/Speaker Series, 6:30 p.m.

*Staggered start dates for new children 9/14-9/20, details emailed end of August


Monday 8 WSMS Closed, Columbus Day
Saturday 13 Fall Festival
Tuesday/Wednesday 16/17 Class Dinners


Wednesday-Friday 21-23 WSMS Closed, Thanksgiving Break


Monday-Friday (2 Weeks) 24-4 Winter Break, Vacation School in session 6 days for registered students
(W-F, Dec. 26-28, W-F, Jan. 2-4)

January 2019

Monday 7 WSMS Closed, Professional Development Day
Tuesday 8 School Resumes
Friday 18 WSMS Closed, Conference Day
Monday 21 WSMS Closed, Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Saturday 2 Auction, 7:00 p.m.
Monday-Tuesday 18-19 WSMS Closed, Presidents’ Day Break
Wednesday 20 WSMS Closed, Conference Day (OPEN for LAP children only)


Monday-Friday (2 Weeks) 18-29 Spring Break, Vacation School in session 10 days for registered students


Monday 1 WSMS Closed, Professional Development Day
Tuesday 2 School Resumes
Wednesday 17 PA Meeting/Speaker Series 6:30 p.m.


Friday 3 WSMS Closed, Conference Day
Saturday 4 Hooked on Books! Children’s Book Festival
Monday 27 WSMS Closed, Memorial Day


Wednesday 5 Year-End School Picnic
Wednesday 12 Last Day For Academic Year Children
Thursday-Friday 13-14 WSMS Closed, Camp Set-Up Days
Monday 17 Summer Camp Begins


Thursday 4 WSMS Closed, Independence Day


Friday 2 Summer Camp Ends