• Infant Toddler Program

The child from birth to three is in a critical period of growth and takes in everything in the environment. The adult’s role is to assist the child, from the periphery, to aid the full development of life. The Infant Toddler environment is characterized by order, simplicity, and aesthetics in order to meet the needs of the child at this age.

Adult learners at WSMS-TEP study developmental needs and milestones, practice keen observation, and learn how to demonstrate respect the child’s evolving need for independence. Safety and health measures are reinforced in order to provide critical understanding for new teachers as they create safe spaces for children. The role of collaborative relationships with caregivers is the foundation upon which trusting relationships develop.

Academic Coursework

The academic phase consists of 245+ hours of coursework in Montessori theory and practice. Classes are a hybrid model, with virtual meetings through Zoom and in-person sessions at West Side Montessori School on the upper west side of Manhattan. In person class sessions are also held at both of our additional locations for Infant Toddler training at the Magnolia Montessori School in Whitehouse Station, NJ, and MONS Montessori in Shanghai, China. The instructor to student ratio is 1:25.

Practicum: Student Teaching

The Infant Toddler Program practicum phase typically runs concurrent with the academic coursework. In the practicum, students apply the knowledge they gain from the academic coursework in a supervised student teaching experience. Students are responsible for finding their own placement, though we will offer suggestions of schools that we have found to be successful student teaching sites. The student teacher must work for a minimum of a half-day, five days per week, for nine consecutive months in an approved Montessori school under the supervision of an approved supervising teacher, or as a self-directed intern. No portion of the practicum may precede the start of academic coursework.

Location and Format Options

The Infant Toddler Program cohorts begin in summer or fall of every year, depending on the location. The academic and practicum phases may be concurrent, with anticipated completion of training in June of the following summer. Adult learners may choose to defer the practicum phase to the following school year, in which case, completion of the program would occur in June of the year in which the practicum is completed.

West Side Montessori School
New York, NY

NY academic classes meet throughout the school year on Saturdays, 9:00am-5:30pm, with a fall and spring seminar weekend, and some virtual and online sessions according to the published calendar.

Magnolia Montessori School
Whitehouse Station, NJ

NJ academic classes meet for a 2-week summer intensive at the NJ site, then merge with the NY cohort according to the published calendar.

MONS Montessori
Shanghai, China

Shanghai academic classes meet for a 6-week summer intensive in Shanghai, fall and spring seminar weekends, and monthly virtual meetings throughout the practicum phase.


Uniit Carruyo
Infant Toddler Program Level Coordinator

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