Academic Phase

Year Round Coursework

  • Classes meet beginning in September and continue for one  year, two Saturdays each month, from 9am – 5pm.
  • Student Teaching (Practicum) Phase is concurrent with the Academic Phase.
  • The Academic/Practicum year concludes in August.

Student Teaching (Practicum) Phase

  • In the Student Teaching (Practicum) Phase, students apply the knowledge they have gained from the Academic Phase in a supervised Student Teaching placement. Students are responsible for finding their own placement, though we will offer suggestions of schools that we have found to be successful internship sites. This phase is non-degree-bearing and the intern must work a classroom schedule for a minimum of a half day session, September through June in an approved Montessori school under the supervision of an approved Supervising Teacher.  Self-directed Practicums are only for those who have prior experience in a Montessori classroom and have sufficient administrative support. All Self-Directed Practicums must be approved by the Program Director prior to the start of the practicum phase. The Practicum Phase will follow the completion of the Academic Phase or within two years of the last academic course. No portion of the Practicum may precede the Academic Phase.