The Central Harlem Association of Montessori Parents (CHAMP), Inc., was founded in 1967 as a series of workshops to enable parents to become partners in their children’s education. Under the direction of Roslyn D. Williams, the program evolved into Project CHAMP, with the dual goals to train parents to become Montessori teachers and to increase the pool of credentialed Montessori teachers in New York City. Classes were held on weekends, often in the school of the instructor.

In 1995 CHAMP-MTEP moved to West Side Montessori School and to meet New York State requirements, changed its name to West Side Montessori School’s Teacher Education Program (WSMS-TEP). Today, WSMS-TEP continues to be well known for the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of its students, the excellence of its faculty, and for its rigorous program. Graduates from WSMS-TEP have gone on to work at many Montessori schools, including West Side Montessori School.


The mission of WSMS-TEP is to teach adults to become effective, responsive, well-prepared Montessori teachers capable of helping young children reach their full potential.

This mission is facilitated through the creation of a supportive environment in which students learn together with experienced, highly qualified Montessori educators.

We prepare students to work in multicultural settings. WSMS-TEP students are open to change and are committed to the highest standards for themselves, for children, and their families.

Our graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to create child-centered environments, to design thematic curriculum units, and to work collaboratively with parents, co-workers, and other professionals. Most importantly, they are ready to forge meaningful student-teacher relationships with children based on respect and trust.


WSMS-TEP classes are conducted in our school building, a five-floor double brownstone with eight recently renovated classrooms, a full-size gymnasium, and an outdoor play space on the roof. Thanks to a top-to-bottom “green” renovation of all classrooms and the kitchen in 2009, our classrooms are not only bright and spacious, but environmentally and ergonomically sound, with bamboo cabinets, non-glare lighting designed to promote concentration, and floor and work surfaces made of sustainable, non-toxic materials. Our newly renovated Adult Learning Center located in the multi-functional gymnasium provides a comfortable and efficient space for adult education classes for WSMS-TEP and Concordia College sessions.