What Happens at WSMS Summer Camp?

Spending the summer at WSMS is an experience to remember. But you may be wondering – what happens at WSMS Summer Camp?

Summer camp is staffed by WSMS teachers, allowing us to offer the same level of exceptional programming that is offered during the year. Children find comfort in the consistent philosophy and curriculum that they already know and love. Children often have the familiarity of friends or teachers in camp, making it a smoother transition process from the school year to camp.

There are also differences between the regular school year and summer camp. During camp, children are given opportunities to expand upon their interests in ways that are not usually offered during the school year. For example, in past years, summer camp has welcomed visitors including musicians, a puppeteer, a soccer coach and a magician. Children also take day trips inspired by their interests, such as the local fire station, exhibits at the Children Museum of Manhattan, local gardens, parks, and – of course – the sprinklers!

Registration for summer camp is offered in three sessions and runs through the first week in August.