Family Classroom Visits: Developing Respect for Differences

Teachers are eager for families to share their family traditions with the WSMS community. We’d like to offer our children real examples of how their community celebrates holidays and cultural events. Hearing from friends and family gives all children windows into unique experiences other than their own.
The more perspective sharing we offer children, the more respect they can develop for differences. Whether you share a holiday or a favorite family activity, your presence in the classroom is a gift to everyone! We welcome visiting grandparents and other special people in your child’s lives to share as well. Please be in touch with teachers to arrange something that works for your family.
Here are some ideas from past visits:
  • reading a book to the class about a holiday or tradition that your family celebrates
  • teaching the children a traditional song or dance
  • demonstrating traditional dress or costume
  • making a craft related to a cultural tradition or holiday