An Evening of Crafts & Dinner for LAP Families

At 5:30 p.m. last Wednesday, families of children in LAP (Late Afternoon Program) were beginning to fill the lobby as excitement was building in the 2E and 2W classrooms. Children beamed as they individually welcomed each of their families and escorted them up to the gym. A few flights of stairs later, a wonderful array of crafts prepared for each family was revealed. LAP children were delighted to be surrounded by friends and teachers as they showed their parents and siblings how to make paper accordions and string beads into bracelets. They were quite the experts! Each family also had the opportunity to create a LAP Family Book, to be shared at a later date in class.

After a quick clean up, it was time for family dinner. Children proudly showed their families how to serve themselves a delicious meal of chicken and roasted vegetables before sitting down at small tables to enjoy conversation. It was a delight to see the children take the lead in welcoming their parents, siblings, grandparents and special friends to this evening of fun.